Maintenance Management

Equipment analysis

Equipments well analyzed

To get the full potential of your equipment, infrastructure and other fixed assets, a maintenance plan is paramount. Our maintenance management dissects and analyzes each equipment component to mount the optimal maintenance plan.

Eliminating malfunctions proactively reduces final maintenance costs by 40 to 60%

You will receive information about the parts replacement frequency, which parts are critical to the operation, and any other information that can make good management decisions and thus ensure that your resources are well invested.

  • Target critical parts

  • Evaluation of spare parts

  • Creation of maintenance programs

  • Reports analysis for performance score

  • Codification des équipements dans une base de données

Maintenance Program

A well-implemented program

A maintenance program is beneficial to your business and your equipment if it is applied by trained and qualified personnel.

Préven-Tech's maintenance planners thoroughly analyse your files in order to know the specifics of your machinery. They can order the right parts at the right time, or prepare work orders for repair or maintenance of these.

Efficiently applied maintenance program helps reduce unplanned downtime

Pieces of equipment are all available when planned maintenance, causing no loss of time, and saving costs.

  • Application of the maintenance program

  • Maintenance program analysis.

  • Preparation of work orders

  • Ordering spare parts with kitting method

  • Avoid wasting time and saving on costs